The foundation of faith

The foundation of faith

The foundation of faith


The Holy Scripture is the only source and complete foundation of our faith, the only guideline in teaching and life. God through His prophets in the Old Testament and by the apostles in the New Testament has left with us all we need to know. The Bible contains the whole testimony of God whereunto nothing can be added like it is with a last will.

Only what the apostles left behind in the New Testament is indeed »apostolic teaching«. Only what the Bible truly teaches is »biblical«. Only what originates with Christ Himself is »Christian«. Statements of faith declared at different councils in the course of church history are rejected as additions and forgery of the original Word.

Our fellowship does not claim to be the only one with salvation. We are just a part of the »ecclesia« together with all who are »called out« by the Word of God and are »chosen« to be part of the Church of the living God. We do not point to a man as a founder we are just a continuation of the last revivals, which came upon the earth at the beginning of the 20th Century and around the second half of the last Century as a direct move of the Holy Spirit. The Lord Himself builds the Church and He also completes it for the day of His Return.

The belief in one true God besides Whom, there is no other Who manifests Himself all His attributes as Creator, Sustainer, Saviour, King, Judge etc. is for us the only binding and valid foundation of faith. »Hear, o Israel, the Eternal, our God, the Eternal is One!« (Dt. 6:4-9; Mk. 12:28-34). This is the oldest documented scriptural statement of faith coming directly from the lips of God Himself. The Jesus Only teaching as well as the three Person God doctrine, are rejected because they are not attested in the Bible.

The Nicean-Chalcedonian faith creed must be rejected because it is not biblical. Besides other points one can read therein, »… the only Son of God eternally begotten of the Father, God from God, Light from Light, true God from true God, begotten, not made, one in being with the Father …« For a Son to have been begotten of the Father in heaven Who then also became God — there is not the slightest hint for such an idea in the Bible. The tri-unity image, which is been taught, was adopted by the gentile church fathers and is a presentation of an old mythology brought over into formal Christianity. The true apostolic confession is found only in the Bible. In the »Didache« called »apostle doctrines« is found what church fathers formulated. Clerical statements of faith are part of the dogma-history and therefore not binding for us.

God is one. Not three persons are omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent and eternal, not three persons part the Almightiness, not three agree, but rather the only One true almighty eternal God Who is Spirit has manifested Himself in various ways since the beginning of time. In the new covenant He revealed Himself for our salvation as Father in heaven, in the Son Immanuel = God with us on earth and in His Church by the Holy Spirit. The Son was promised throughout all the Old Testament. He is the One begotten by the Holy Ghost, born by Mary, appearing in the flesh as our Redeemer, the First-born among many brethren. The Son is also the Lord. Therefore it is written, »… and why is this granted to me, that the mother of my Lord should come to me?« (Lk. 1:43). It is also written, »… for unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour Who is Christ the Lord« (Lk. 2:11). And again it is written: »…and that no man can say that Jesus is the Lord, but by the Holy Spirit.« (1 Cor. 12:3b). The »I am« the Logos, the Word, the One Who spoke all things into existence, the One revealing Himself is always the same. The Lord/Yahweh of the Old Testament is the Lord/Jesus in the New Testament. In the Old Testament He was in a spirit body, in the New Testament in a body of flesh.

God created man in His Own image to have fellowship with Him. The relationship between the Creator and those created by Him was broken through the fall. The fall culminated in the beguiling from which a seed came forth. Therefore the Lord directly had to put enmity between the two seeds and pronounced judgement upon Eve who would give birth to her children with pain. In the same connection the first promise was given with view of the Redeemer that the Divine Seed would come through the woman and bruise the head of the cursed serpent (Gen. 3:13-17).

At the beginning of the natural creation Satan through deceiving Eve and pulling Adam into the transgression all humanity was drawn into the fall. In this wise Satan received influence and power over the whole creation, which by disobedience and transgression was separated from God and thrown into death.

At the beginning of the supernatural creation God took fallen humanity back from Satan through the second — the last Adam, overshadowing Mary and by begetting of the Holy Ghost the Son of God was born into this world. Through redemption and reconciliation the damage was made good and the fellowship with God was re-established and we received the adoption as sons (Gal. 4:4-7) »God was in Christ reconciling the world unto Himself.« (2 Cor. 5:19).

The secret of redeeming lost humanity is found in the fact that the Redeemer Himself as the Word, which was at the beginning, became flesh, fully human being, so in His body of flesh He could die vicariously, then going down conquering death and hell and manifesting the new life by His resurrection. Because the fall had been in the body of flesh and blood, the redemption of fallen humanity also had to be done in a body of flesh, so the holy Blood wherein divine life was could be shed on the Cross of Calvary.